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We’re always looking for talented individuals who want to make a difference for our company and the customers we serve. If you’re interested in anything from accounting to supply chain, management to technology, or even helping us find the best talent for these roles, we have an opportunity for you.


We empower students to discover their potential with hands-on experience. Join us for a 10-week internship program starting in June and discover solutions to real challenges in one of several business areas. As a Lowe’s Summer Intern, you’ll learn on the job while you earn a salary and you'll have access to a mentor throughout the program. This is a unique opportunity to learn and develop skills from a FORTUNE® 50 retailer that could potentially turn into a full-time position upon graduation.

  • ”My 2018 internship experience was the largest factor for me when it came to deciding what full time opportunity to accept. Lowe's gave me an internship experience to remember for the rest of my life. Not only was I valued as an intern by being assigned real and impactful work, but I was surrounded by fellow associates and team members who all wanted to see me succeed. I wanted to work in a place where I felt welcomed, supported, and empowered, and the Lowe's internship delivered all that and more.” Michael Wu
  • “For me, I felt more like a full time employee than an intern. I was given various tasks and held responsible for them. I enjoyed being treated like I was part of the team, and it gave me a sense of accountability. Of course there was also the occasional intern events, which threw some fun time into my busy work schedule.” Victoria Fowler


Getting a smart start early in your career can help you reach your full potential. Lowe’s onboarding and training programs offer recent and soon-to-be grads an opportunity to do just that. Participants gain hands-on experience, develop leadership skills and build valuable relationships with mentors and peers while contributing to company initiatives. Lowe’s offers a 24-month rotational program in Finance & Accounting and a variety of other entry level programs in a variety of functional areas to help you launch your career after college.

If you have any questions about our programs or majors for which we recruit, please email us at for more information.

  • “Each day at Lowe's is different, which makes it exciting! As an intern, most days started by checking in with my manager and catching up on emails. Throughout the day I would attend meetings with my manager, touch base with my mentor, and work on my project. Around noon, lunch at the corporate cafeteria and a walk around the lake was a must! Most days I would wrap up my afternoon by meeting up with other interns and working at the coffee shop on site. I enjoyed being able to move around the campus versus being in a cubicle all day!” Brittany Stewart
  • “My internship experience was amazing! In just 10 weeks, I had the opportunity to learn about the operations of a Fortune 50 company, meet leaders across the organization, and make a business recommendation that was eventually implemented.” Emily Damron

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