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Our Annual Springtime Hiring Season

This year we plan to hire tens of thousands of seasonal associates to fill a variety of key roles within our teams. These positions offer flexible hours from February through May and are a great opportunity to earn income while also sharing your passion and expertise with others. And if you’re interested, these roles often lead to permanent positions - nearly 200 of our current store managers once started as seasonal associates. Find spring job openings near you and apply online today.

Find Your Fit At Lowe’s

Sales Associate: Customer Service Associates are charged with delivering excellent customer service by seeking out and listening to customers, providing project and product expertise, and ensuring their needs are met. Overall, most of this associate’s time is spent interacting with our customers and ensuring they receive the best possible shopping and project planning experience. View Sales Associate Jobs

Stocking & Receiving: These associates typically work evenings, overnight, or early morning to help provide the right products to Lowe’s customers. They unload merchandise from incoming freight and move it to the sales floor and stocking departments, ensuring other team members and customers have the products they need throughout the store. View Stocking and Receiving Jobs

Cashiers: Lowe’s cashiers are responsible for much more than ensuring a smooth checkout process for customers. As one of the last associates that our customers see on their way out the store following a purchase, cashiers play a crucial role in ensuring each customer is both satisfied and encouraged to come back to Lowe’s. View Cashier Jobs

  • 300KAssociates
  • 50%Approximately 50% transition to
    part or full-time
  • 100%Volunteer participation in
    over 1,700 stores
Lowe’s is a company that you can truly have a career with. If you come with an initiative to learn and grow you can go anywhere. Shannon, Assistant Store Manager

What We’re Looking For

Highly collaborative workers

Every associate is charged with delivering quality customer service while maintaining a store that is clean, safe, and stocked with the products customers need. Associates will work together with teammates and customers to help make sure a project’s goals are met.

Focused on the customer

Whether someone is a returning customer or visiting Lowe’s for the first time, they all have goals in mind – and they expect an excellent customer experience. Associates should excel at listening to and learning from customers, while going the extra mile so they will return again and again.


As a Lowe’s associate, you’ll be charged with helping our customers achieve their goals, and in turn, delivering results for our company too.