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Lowe’s Invents the Future


Inventing the Future

The world is constantly evolving, with technological advancements and an increasingly curious population leading the way – and at Lowe’s, we are committed to evolving with it. Our team of creatives is continually crafting new strategies and revolutionary inventions to make the lives of our customers easier.

“When we start with customers and take a customer-centric approach to designing solutions, that’s when we can invent the future,”
- Lara Lee, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Design

At Lowe’s, we are more than home improvement. We’re shaping the future of technology.


What are Lowe’s Innovation Labs?

Lowe’s Innovation Labs employees are some of the best and the brightest workers devoted to pioneering inventive ideas. Our labs are at the core of what moves our brand beyond home improvement, with a mission of identifying and accelerating leading start-ups that are developing solutions in retail.


Here’s What the Innovation Labs Team Has Been Up To:


Imagining how your design ideas will translate into your home can be a daunting task. To see these ideas transformed into a more tangible form makes the process a lot easier, and our virtual showroom, better known as the Lowe’s Holoroom, allows customers to do just that. Introduced in 2014, the Holoroom was the first of the Lowe’s Innovation Labs projects. The tool empowers homeowners with an immersive, intuitive experience in the room of their dreams. Have a home improvement idea that you’d like to see up close? Customers can now experience the virtual room in Lowe’s stores across the country. 


The Lowe’s Vision App and Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro Phone

Looking to improve your home, but can’t make it into the Lowe’s store? The Lowe’s Innovation Labs have now made the process even easier. The team has partnered with Google’s 3D smartphone platform Tango to create the Vision App, a mobile phone application that allows users to visualize their home in augmented reality, similar to the Holoroom. The app takes accurate room measurements, allowing users to map how their furniture and appliances will fit, and provides a list of Lowe’s products that customers can use to achieve their dream designs.

In addition to launching the Vision app, Lowe’s stores will also be offering Lenovo’s Phab 2 Pro phone that works with Google’s Tango technology.

"The way we think about it is, it’s a digital power tool," Kyle Nel, Executive Director, Lowe’s Innovation Labs says. "It’s an incredible phone, but it does so many things that if you’re going to be making a major remodel, spending $500 to really make sure that you’re visualizing your space and doing all the measurements, for most people we think it will definitely be worth it." 




Have you ever come into a store looking for a certain item, only to become overwhelmed by the aisles and aisles that seem to carry everything but what you need? The Lowe’s OSHbot is here to help. In 2014, Lowe’s Innovation Labs partnered with Fellow Robots to create the first-of-its-kind autonomous robot, which offers in-store assistance to Lowe’s shoppers. The bot will greet you when you enter Lowe’s, and you can talk back – in English or Spanish. Just tell OSHbot what you’re looking for and it will guide you to that item in the store. 


3D Space Printers

At Lowe’s, we truly care about helping customers improve their living spaces, no matter where they might be. This philosophy is what led us to our partnership with Made in Space to launch the first 3D printer in space.

“Lowe’s has a mission to love where they live. And the astronauts happen to live out of space.” 
- Kyle Nel,
Executive Director, Lowe’s Innovation Labs

With the 3D printer, astronauts now have the ability to access tools that used to be impossible to get from outer space.

“When an astronaut calls home and says I lost my ratchet, we can 3D print a ratchet,” Jason Dunn, Chief Technology Officer for Made in Space, explains. 

Lowe’s Innovation Labs are changing the way we look at technology, with ideas that are literally out of this world.


Lowes Infographic


“I love that glimmer in people’s eyes when they hear what we’re doing for the first time and they think, ‘I can’t believe that Lowe’s is doing this, and that is because Lowe’s is different than what most people think we are. We are an innovative company. We are not just talking the talk. We are walking the walk. And that’s a pretty powerful thing.”  
- Kyle Nel,
Executive Director, Lowe’s Innovation Labs


With a mission to help people love where they live, the Lowe’s team stops at nothing to provide unique, personalized and exceptional customer service for every customer. If you’re ready to enhance our customer-focused culture by inventing the future, join the Lowe’s team today.

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